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Natural Gas Pressure Regulating Metering Station Project

  • Min. Order:1 Set(s)
  • Date of Delivery:45 days
  • Payment Type:T/T
  • Port:Tianjian
Tianjin Yisida Gas Equipment Co., Ltd.
Tianjin, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 100%
Main Products: City(Industrial) Gas Transmission and Distribution
Model No.: YTY Brand: YISIDA Place of Origin: China
Packing: Wooden case or cont... Flow Range: 5000-200000m3/H Applicable Me...: Natural Gas
Working Temperatur...: -19-60ºC

Gas Distributing Station

           Gas distributing station is the station which transmits natural gas from the national or provincial gas transmission network to the downstream. The gas distributing station can transmits natural gas to one or more city gate station. It usually has the functions of trade measurement, filtration separation, heating, pressure regulating, flow controling and etc. The configuration of the gas distributing station has the features of high pressure, high precision, high-performance and etc. The regulator is usually in the form of a regulated train. Metering generally use high-precision ultrasonic flow meter.

Technical Parameters

Use Gas

Natural gas, Artificial coal gas etc.

Inlet Pressure Range

Outlet Pressure Range
0.2~4.0 MPa
Working Temperature

Pressure Regulation Precision
Flow Range

Can be reached 300000Nm3/h

Import and Export Valves

Manual (worm) ball valve or butterfly valve

Filter Device

1um~50um Filter

Separating  Apparatus

Whirlwind separation, gas-liquid separation

Heating Device

Electric heating/hot water heating/steam heating

Control Valve  

Gas-liquid linkage valve, electric pneumatic ball valve, electric control valve

Regulating pathway

Two, three, multi-way(Optional supervisory regulator can be used)

Security Measures

Overpressure cutting off, safety release, gas leakage alarm and etc.

Flow measurement

Ultrasonic flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, flow computer

Flow Regulation

Using electric control valve or pneumatic regulating valve

Odorizing Device

Adding ador  automatically according to the flow changes, select according to customers requirements. The ratio is 5~50mg/Nm3

Data Collection

It can collects the parameters of site pressure, temperature, differential pressure, flow, leaking gas concentration, equipment, working conditions and etc.

Long Pass Way

Telephone line, dedicated line, wireless remote

Control Software 
According to customer's requirements, can be on-site/remote configuration

Communication Interface

Power Supply 

380VAC/220VAC, Optional  Online  UPS can be used as neede

2. Natural Gas Gate Station
         City gate station is the key link that transmits gas from the long-distance pipeline into the city pipe network. It is generally connected directly with the gas distributing station. It is the first stop of the town gas downstream. The skid-mounted city gate station our company designed and produced integrates gas and dust separation facility, gas filter device, pressure regulation, flow measurement and regulation, gas heating, odoring, remote control and communication and many other equipment and technology  to achieve a large gas transmission equipment integrated.

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